Student Writing Prompts

I was blown away by students at Floyd Dryden Middle School in Juneau, Alaska when I asked them to do a five minute writing prompt. They were so engrossed that we ran out of time and I wasn't able to read all of their writing, but two students showed up at my reading later that night with prompts in hand. I asked Aidan, an 8th grader, if I could post his writing on my blog. Here it is with his permission--a five minute freewrite about smells. (Klukwan is a Tlingit village in Southeast AK)

"Like an old cedar basement, not the sour moldy ones like in Klukwan, but instead the kind of a welcoming grandparent. Old and dusty like the basement they reside in. jarred fish, dust and sunlight. Pillows in a corner littered with crisp yellow pages. The kind of place where if you let your breath out you can see the golden flakes of dust dance away from you. Last nights fire with the nettle leaf tea whistling its call. An open window allowing cold north wind to play with my back."