Hidden perks about writing a book that nobody tells you. #1 Other Authors

Disclaimer: This post is about the ALA conference from last June. Slightly dated, but still hopefully enjoyable. 

I get to meet authors. Some of them are incredibly famous and if one is not very careful, it's possible to act a bit like a stalker fan. I'm not saying that my sister did that at the American Library Association conference in San Francisco last June when she saw Sharon Draper signing copies of her most recent book STELLA BY STARLIGHT. 

But just look how happy Debbie Jo is! She was so excited she dove over a metal garbage can full of posters with a cast on her foot and Sharon Draper caught her. (I think this must happen to Sharon Draper all the time) 

So we get to meet famous authors and others that will be famous in the near future, like Nicola Yoon, author of the New York Times bestseller EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING. Here she is with me and David Hoffmeyr, who wrote STONE RIDER, before our Random House panel and dinner at the Waterbar. Both of their books are out now so stop reading this and go buy them! 

Photo credit: Judith Haut

Photo credit: Judith Haut

Our panel was moderated by the amazing David Levithan, who has written many, many, many books for teens, including most recently EVERYDAY, and ANOTHER DAY. I only had to ask for an easier question once and looked like a deer in the headlights a couple times, so yay me!
The dinner was incredible. Each course was designed around a theme from one of our novels. (Mine was salmon!) Did I mention there was wine? 

This was my first book conference and I was a bit nervous so most of the photos I took are fuzzy and unrecognizable, but I will get better because meeting authors who write books for teens is now my favorite part of this new, crazy wonderful world. Stay tuned.